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The Essential Equipment for any Entry-Level Arborist
Setting yourself up as an Arborist can often be a costly process. Before you can get yourself up a tree, you’ll need to get kitted out with a range of industry-specific equipment. And with the wide range of arborist equipment on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin.Read More
Posted in Product Reviews By Paul George on Wednesday, 6th December 2017
A Guide to Buying a New Arborist Climbing Harness

Your harness is one of the most integral and vital parts of your daily work kit. A harness provides you with safety, security and facilitates the performance of many important functions within your daily job role.

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Posted By Paul George on Tuesday, 31st October 2017
A Guide to Basic Tree Climbing Knots, pt. 1

The rope is an essential item of gear for all arborists, the central mechanism used in climbing, rigging, rappelling and a multitude of other aspects within the realm of arboriculture. No other profession ties knots as frequently and with such variety as those who work in the trees.

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Posted By Paul George on Friday, 20th October 2017
A Guide to Rope Throwing and Throwlines
Welcome to the world of rope throwing and throwlines. In this article we’re going to look at the tools and the techniques used by arborists, allowing them to install a rope high in the tree without even having to leave the ground.Read More
Posted By Paul George on Thursday, 29th June 2017
Women's Work: The Challenges Facing Female Arborists

Historically arboriculture has primarily been a field of study and work dominated by men. Like many careers that require a certain amount of physical exertion, strength and risk, a cultural gender bias has, albeit not directly, excluded women from joining the ranks. More recently, following the larger social trend towards equality, attitudes towards female arborists within the arboriculture and forestry industries are changing, and more women are not only becoming arborists but excelling at it. 

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Posted By Paul George on Thursday, 8th June 2017
Products and Techniques for Controlling Pests on Woody Plants

Insects and mites are part and parcel of the natural landscape, and unfortunately for you and your plant life, they are voracious herbivores, meaning that their feeding habits affect the aesthetic beauty of your plants, as well as severely weakening and damaging their natural structure.

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Posted By Paul George on Thursday, 18th May 2017
A Guide to Workwear PPE regulations

If you employ outdoor workers, then your responsibility for keeping them safe involves ensuring they are provided with the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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Posted By Paul George on Friday, 31st March 2017
What is CE Approval and why it Matters?

CE marking directives apply to all manner of products, as well as the machinery, tools and personal protective equipment used in the outdoor workplace. From kettles and kids toys to cableway installations and construction products, CE certification covers it all.

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Posted By Paul George on Wednesday, 22nd March 2017
A Guide to Workplace Noise and Ear Protection

In this short guide, I want to look at ear protection, why it’s important and what the law says when it comes to ensuring your workforce are wearing appropriate ear defenders. Let’s start then by looking at why ear protection is important.

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Posted By Paul George on Sunday, 5th March 2017
A Guide to Chapter 8 in the Traffic Signs Manual
Chapter 8 is of significant importance to tree surgeons and arborists, who are often temporarily working on the roadside.Read More
Posted By Paul George on Sunday, 5th March 2017

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