At Landmark Trading, we’re pleased to bring you some of the highest calibre products on the market and amongst these, we can confidently say that Silky Saws are second to none when it comes to high performance pruning saws. They have gained a well-earned worldwide reputation as being market leaders and the “best that money can buy”. Silky have developed a range of saws for every pruning requirement – including Folding Saws, Hand Saws and Pole Saws, all designed to ‘make life easier’ for the user.

The manufacturing process Silky use a unique heating and cooling process which together with the chemical composition of the blade material, results in increased metal hardness. In addition, the high carbon content leads to a high wear resistance, so that not only are the blades superbly sharp but this performance is maintained cut after cut, giving the saws excellent longevity.

The benefits of Silky Saws

There are numerous benefits of Silky Saws. Here are just a few.

• The blades are of exceptional quality – they are extremely hard and durable giving outstanding cutting performance.

• Silky saw blades are laser cut from authentic premium Japanese steel for reliability and consistency

• All saw blades are easily replaceable for maximum service life

• Silky saws come with a plastic sheath with a quick release belt clip enabling the saw to be conveniently located on any belt or harness.

Silky saws are forged in a very specific way – thanks to the metal’s soft core, the saw remains flexible and bites into the wood with ease. Several models, such as the Sugoi, Hayate and Tsurugi, are made of high-alloyed steel, which makes the saw blade stronger, more corrosion resistant and better equipped against temperature changes.

Silky’s folding saws can be used in two lock settings. By pressing your thumb on the spring-loaded blade lock, the saw can be unfolded and folded. When unfolded, it is possible to choose between two available blade positions, allowing the blade to be secured in the most ideal position for the situation on hand. The first notch is meant for the most ergonomic sawing position. The second notch offers the possibility to saw on a flat surface while keeping your knuckles away and allows for the utilization of the full length of the blade to the handle. The locking mechanism is very solid and provides a secure hold when the saw is being used.

There’s a Silky Saw for every single requirement. Read on for an in-depth introduction to the Silky products in our range here at Landmark Trading to help you decide on the best option for your specific requirements.

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Silky Zubat, 330mm blade

The Silky Zubat is the most widely used handsaw by arborists all over the world. It is a versatile, powerful pull saw which is used for both precision pruning in tighter spaces and larger removals. With the new Zubat, Silky truly meets all the needs of the arborist. The saw has extra-large teeth (5.5 teeth per 30 mm) and quickly rips through the soft, fresh wood, such as linden, poplar, and willow. The Zubat can be identified by the chrome details of the screws and the scabbard. Thanks to the third extra roller the saw now slides even more smoothly into the scabbard. The perfect shape of the aggressively curved blade in combination with Silky’s unique teeth, will give you the speed, force and precision you need in the tree.

You won’t need your chainsaw quite as much, as the Silky Zubat is such a pleasure to work with. Even after frequent use, the teeth will still stay sharp for a long time, leaving behind a smooth cut that will easily be overgrown. When working above shoulder height and below the knees, you can still saw on top of the branch with a curved blade, whilst retaining a comfortable position even in the most difficult circumstances. The tip at the edge of the blade keeps the saw in the kerf, giving you more control. The blade is full tang, so that this stable saw is perfectly balanced. The rubber-moulded handle sits comfortably in your hand and will absorb all vibrations. The name ‘Zubat’ derives from the sound that a Samurai sword makes when it hits its target. Users of this saw will know why!

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Silky Gomtaro, 300mm blade

The Gomtaro pruning saw is an essential piece of your equipment and a user’s first choice for formative pruning during the early years of a tree’s growth. The straight blade gives an even cleaner and more precise cut than a curved blade. A straight blade is easier to handle in tight spaces and close to the ground. The Gomtaro is recommended among skilled arborists when removing the crown of a tree. For making a felling cut, the straight blade helps you to manipulate hinge wood while maintaining a straight back cut. If you using the Gomtaro for the first time, then be aware of this razor-sharp saw!

The version we stock is the 300-8 which has 8 teeth to the inch. This gives quite an aggressive cut. The physical exercise of tree climbing demands a saw that eases the pruning. Rightly so, professionals the world over choose Silky as preferred option. Sawing with the Gomtaro requires a minimum effort and goes so smoothly that for much small work, firing up a chainsaw is unnecessary. Moreover, you now have a compact replacement at hand for when a chainsaw is not available or for when you can only use one hand.

The rubber casted handle lays comfortably in your hand and absorbs vibrations. You will realize that your lower arm and the saw are perfectly balanced out. All arborists will find themselves in the most uncomfortable of positions. Even then, the Gomtaro will not let you down. The scabbard is designed in such a way so that it will hold the saw in all positions, but when needed you can pull the saw out with just one hand. Complete your Gomtaro with the available leg straps and you will always have the saw at arm’s length.

Silky Gomtaro 270mm blade

The Gomtaro 270mm is again a traditional straight bladed pruning saw but with a shorter blade than the 300 and with 13 teeth to the inch, for a smoother finish when cutting dryer and/or harder wood. This gives a finer less aggressive cut than the Gomtaro 300. It comes with a comfortable rubber handle and a custom made, durable black polypropylene holster which can be attached to a belt or leg strap.

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Silky Gomtaro Pro Sentei, 240mm blade

A special edition within the Gomtaro family. The Gomtaro Pro-Sentei brings together large and fine teeth on one single blade. For sawing young or delicate branches, you can use the fine teeth on the last 80 mm of the blade. For the full use of this pull saw you can use the large teeth to cut faster. This unique combination of different teeth on one blade is ideal for arborists wishing to combine a pruning saw with a pruning shear. Thinner branches can easily be pruned with the fine teeth of the Gomtaro Pro-Sentei without having to switch tools. With the straight blade you can create a very precise sawing cut and easily handle the saw in densely grown spaces and close to the ground.

As the blade is full tang, this saw will feel exceptionally stable. The razor-sharp teeth will leave behind a smooth tree cut, so that the tree recovers well and quickly. The rubber casted handle feels comfortable and absorbs vibrations. You will notice that your lower arm and saw are perfectly balanced. The scabbard is designed in such a way so that the saw cannot fall out of it but can still be pulled with just one hand when needed. With the available leg straps, you can strap the Gomtaro Pro-Sentei to your lower leg to always have the saw at arm’s length.

Silky Super Accel saw, 210 mm blade

The Super Accel is very lightweight at only 195g, but its strong pull makes it the favourite of many gardeners. This versatile folding saw is useful to keep on hand and easy to store in your toolbox due to its compactness. Even in difficult situations, the Super Accel is easy to handle. For example, pruning in densely grown spaces or pruning overhead while on a ladder. The perfect angle between the handle and the blade lets you make cuts at an approximate 10-degree angle. This requires less force and causes less vibrations, so you can cut very smooth and fast.

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The Super Accel cuts smooth and fast, like a hot knife through butter making it a pleasure to work with. If you aren’t used to cutting with a Silky saw, be aware that the razor-sharp teeth cut rapidly through the wood. Even after repeated use, the teeth stay sharp and always leaves a smooth, clean cut that the tree can recover easily from. When not in use, the Super Accel blade folds easily into the rubber handle, leaving the sharp teeth safely covered.

Thanks to the cleverly designed notch the blade can be quickly and easily opened again even when wearing gloves. The lock mechanism allows you to securely lock the blade in two different positions. The aluminium handle is bolstered with rubber to absorb vibrations and guarantee a good grip. Super Accel owes its name to the word “acceleration” which this saw excels at!

The Silky F180, 180 mm blade

The Japanese pull saws from Silky make pruning easier and more fun. The F180 is a versatile pruning saw that you can use for various tasks around the garden and conveniently store in your toolbox. The F180 is a compact, lightweight folding saw weighing in at just 150g. The F180 is a convenient saw to always have on hand, for example to prune branches that are just too thick for your secateurs. Sawing with the F180 requires hardly any force and makes it easy to saw in densely grown spaces. The stiff blade makes this folding saw extremely strong. Unfamiliar with the unique sensation of sawing with a Silky? Then you will be amazed at the ease from sawing through the pull stroke. Watch out for your fingers – the teeth are razor sharp and move rapidly through the wood! The teeth will remain sharp even after prolonged use.

The F180 will give smooth, clean cuts that the tree can recover easily from. When not using the F180, the blade folds easily with the locking mechanism. The sharp teeth are safely concealed in the handle. When you need the saw, you can fold it out easily thanks to the notch in the blade, even when wearing gloves. With the lock mechanism, you can securely lock the blade in two different positions. The comfortable handle is made from polypropylene and has a rubber insert that absorbs vibrations. A good grip is guaranteed. Thanks to its attractive price, the F180 is accessible to every gardener.

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Silky Natanoko-60, 330mm blade

The traditional Natanoko 60 offers a straight blade and is 330mm. This saw has 7.5 teeth per inch. Due to the larger teeth, these blades can be sharpened using the Silky feather edge file. The Natanoko 60 comes with a comfortable rubber handle and a custom made, durable black polypropylene holster which can be attached to a belt. As with all other Silkys, the Natanoko has a replaceable blade.

Silky Sugoi, 360mm blade

The Sugoi is a professional, heavy duty curved pruning saw for cutting large branches. A powerful beast, the Sugoi offers a genuine alternative to using a small chainsaw. The word ‘Sugoi’ means ‘Incredible’ in Japanese. The curved blade offers greater cutting speed with less effort while the aggressive tooth pattern is ideal for pruning larger branches. The Sugoi uses proprietary Mirai-Me (Smooth Cutting) Technology – ‘The teeth of the future!’

The blade size is 360 mm, and the teeth ratio is relatively coarse with 6.5 teeth per 30 mm allowing the saw to slice through larger branches with ease. The saw has a large-grooved rubber handle which is comfortable to hold, reduces vibration and provides superior grip in wet and cold conditions. Every Sugoi comes with a custom made bright yellow scabbard with a ‘D’ ring attachment and slots for leg straps if required. The saws are designed to have replaceable blades and can be re-sharpened for longer life, using the Silky feather edge file.

Silky Tsurugi, 300mm blade

The Silky Tsurugi range introduces a straight saw with a very narrow blade which is ideal for pruning dense trees or confined spaces and enables the user to get into tight areas such as the fork of a branch. Due to Silky’s renowned design skills there is no compromise to either the strength of the blade or its cutting ability. Tsurugi means ‘long sword’ in English. The Tsurugi can be identified by its red handle and has a 300mm blade. The tooth configuration is a slightly more aggressive cut at 8 teeth per inch, ideal for cutting dryer and/or harder wood.


The saw comes with a comfortable handle which is composed of 2 parts and enables a replacement blade to be fitted without tools. The saw comes with a specially designed aluminium holster which can be attached to a belt and there are slots for leg straps. Tsurugi blades cannot be re-sharpened due to the use of electro-impulse hardening in the manufacturing process. The saws are designed to have replaceable blades as with all other Silky saws.

Silky Pole Saws

The Hayauchi Pole Saw range of extending telescopic pole saws are widely used by both professional and home users. They have robust aluminium alloy poles that are oval in shape to provide better control over the direction of the blade. This is especially useful in high pruning. It also helps give strength and rigidity to the poles so reducing the chance of the poles bending or breaking. The telescopic design has two locking systems – a spring loaded locking button and friction clamps which work in tandem to ensure a strong and stable pole extension.

The Hayauchi is available in a 4.9m or 6.3m version depending on your needs. The Hayauchi takes a phenomenally powerful 390mm saw blade with a knife edge at both ends of the blade. This has three benefits: it helps to keep the saw in the cut when working at a distance, it improves control of the sawing process, and it neatly severs the bark above and below the cut to ensure a clean finish without bark ripping away. The Hayauchi can also be fitted with a Sintung lopper head and/or a hook, if required.

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The Zubat Pole Saw is a lightweight, state of the art, telescopic pole saw with an oval shaped aluminium alloy pole which offers both strength and precise control. This is a very versatile product with a wide range of uses including trimming, pruning, gardening, forestry, and arboriculture. The telescopic design has two locking systems – a spring loaded locking button and friction clamps which work in tandem to ensure a strong and stable pole extension.

These lightweight poles can be used from the ground or climbed with to gain greater pruning range without the use of heavier, more cumbersome equipment. This pole saw takes the standard Zubat 330mm blade which, although slightly less precise and a little slower than the top of the range Hayauchi offers a good strong cutting performance at a very reasonable price tag.

With Silky’s emphasis ever being on quality, durability and performance, backed by many years of outstanding user feedback, we are certain that Silky provide the best saws that money can buy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to professional and domestic users alike. We hope you’ve found this blog informative and helpful. If you’ve got any questions or would like to discuss you requirements, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly sales team.

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