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  • Large Rigging Plate, MBS 55kN

    Measures 25cm across. Maximum breaking strain: 45k…

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  • Small Rigging Plate, MBS 30kN

    Measures 9cm across. Maximum breaking strain: 30kN…

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Discover the perfect solution for all your rigging needs with our Rigging Plate collection at Landmark Trading. Engineered to deliver exceptional strength, remarkable lightness, and unparalleled versatility, these rigging plates make centralizing connections an effortless task.

Among our range, you’ll find:

Large Rigging Plate Unleash your rigging potential with our Large Rigging Plate. Boasting a substantial 25cm diameter, this plate is designed to handle the toughest challenges. With an impressive Maximum Breaking Strain (MBS) of 45kN, you can rely on this plate to tackle demanding tasks with confidence. Whether you’re coordinating complex rigging setups or ensuring secure connections, this rigging plate is your steadfast partner in the field.

Small Rigging Plate Don’t underestimate the power of our Small Rigging Plate. Measuring a compact 9cm across, this plate may be small in size, but it’s big on performance. With a commendable MBS of 30kN, it’s perfect for applications where space is limited without compromising on strength. Whether you’re working in confined spaces or need to distribute loads effectively, this rigging plate is your go-to companion. Grab yours today and experience the convenience of compact yet robust rigging solutions.

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