• 10 Person First Aid Kit

    HSE approved 10 Person first aid kit in hard box with a…

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  • 50 Person Forestry First Aid Kit

    50 person kit in soft carry case with shoulder strap. C…

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  • Burn Dressing

    Gel soaked burn dressing cools the burn and soothes pai…

    Code: C1130 £6.79 ex VAT(£8.15 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Celox Gauze

    Celox provides fast and effective First Aid in cases of…

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  • Celox Wound Dressing Granules

    Celox granules provide fast and effective First Aid in …

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  • First Aid Helmet Stickers

    First Aid Helmet Stickers, pack 5

    Vinyl self-adhesive First Aid Helmet Stickers designed …

    Code: C1180 £9.95 ex VAT(£11.94 inc VAT) Add to basket
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  • Hand Sanitiser Gel, flip top, 500ml

    Hand Sanitiser Gel with minimum 70% alcohol, effective …

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  • Hand Sanitiser Gel, pump top, 500ml

    This gel is an effective hand disinfectant containing 7…

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  • Harkie Bleed Control Kit with SWAT-T tourniquet & Celox gauze

    Harkie Bleed Control Kit with tourniquet and Celox haem…

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  • Harkie Bleed Control kit

    Harkie Bleed Control Kit with SWAT-T tourniquet & Celox granules

    Harkie Bleed Control Kit, designed to tackle major blee…

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  • Harkie Personal First Aid kit with whistle

    Harkie Personal first aid kit with whistle, in a heavy …

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  • Premium Fabric Plasters, box 100

    Sterile assorted fabric plasters. Box of 100 plasters.

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    Safety Whistle, waterproof

    Plastic survival whistle that is easily blown even at r…

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  • Sterile Eye Wash Pods, 24 pods

    Saline eye wash pods for eye irrigation. 20ml pods with…

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  • Trauma Wound Dressing

    Trauma Wound Dressing, absorbent sterile dressing pad w…

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  • Vehicle First Aid Kit

    This first aid box is housed in a rigid case. First Aid…

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First Aid Equipment for Arborists / Tree Surgeons

Our range of first aid equipment is specifically geared to the forestry and arboricultural industry. Whether you’re a small team or a large commercial organisation, we have a range of first aid kits to help keep you prepared for a diverse array of risks and exigencies, from minor cuts and burns to major traumatic bleeds. From complete personal kits to 50 person forestry first aid kits and bleed control kits, we can help ensure you’re as prepared as possible for emergency situations.

All equipment is compliant to current UK standards that ensure employers meet their obligations for rendering first aid to staff if they are injured at work. Arborists and tree surgeons are considered a high risk category which determines the size of the kit required for the number of employees.

Major bleeds have become a highlighted risk in the arboricultural sector and our bleed control kits are the perfect solution to ensuring you are as ready as possible to mitigate the consequences of a serious accident. It is recommended that all chainsaw users should carry a bleed control kit.

Mini and personal first aid kits are lightweight and will attach to a belt or harness using the top hanging loop or belt hook on the back. Larger 10 and 50 person kits are available in hard plastic for mounted kits and soft carry cases with shoulder straps for kits used in the field. All have easily accessible and clearly labelled compartments for quick access and neat storage.

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