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  • Stihl Advance ProCom Headset, helmet mounted

    An innovative headset that combines ear protection…

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    Protos Integral Bluetooth Communication Headset

    Bluetooth communication headset for Protos Integra…

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  • On Backorder

    Protos Integral Arborist Helmet, blue/grey

    A highly functional arborist helmet with large vis…

    Code: B2210-BG £212.00 ex VAT(£212.00 inc VAT)
  • Out of Stock

    Face shield with clear visor

    Face shield with a flip-up clear visor and head ba…

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  • Out of Stock

    3M Dust Masks FFP3D, pack 5

    Disposable dust maskvapour mask for some protectio…

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  • Reflex Safety Glasses, clear, EN166

    Clear safety glasses supplied with a neck strap. M…

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  • Reflex Safety Glasses, tinted, EN166

    Tinted safety glasses supplied with a neck strap. …

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  • Ivo Safety Glasses, clear, EN166

    Clear safety glasses with soft sides to improve we…

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  • Ivo Safety Glasses, tinted, EN166

    Safety glasses with soft sides for enhanced comfor…

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  • Uvex safety glasses, grey tint, EN166

    Safety glasses with enhanced comfort when worn wit…

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    Spider Flash Safety Glasses, tinted, EN166

    Safety glasses with stylish Petrol tint mirror len…

    Code: B3070 £20.54 ex VAT(£24.65 inc VAT) Read more
  • Xtreme Safety Glasses, anti-mist, tinted, EN166

    Tinted with excellent anti-mist and scratch resist…

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    Mesh Safety Glasses with stainless steel mesh

    Tough galvanised wire mesh does not fog up or scra…

    Code: B3160 £16.95 ex VAT(£20.34 inc VAT)
  • Soft zip-up case for safety glasses

    Zipped glasses case with belt hooks for secure and…

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  • Face shield with mesh visor

    Face shield with a flip-up mesh visor and head ban…

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  • Face shield with mesh visor and ear muffs, SNR25

    Face shield with SNR26 rated ear muffs and a flip-…

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At Landmark Trading we understand the importance of safety in hazardous work environments, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of protective gear to keep you safeguarded from potential risks. Whether you’re a professional arborist, forestry worker, or engaged in any other high-risk occupation, our selection of helmets and head protection gear is designed to provide the utmost safety and comfort.

Complying with the highest safety standards, a forestry helmet or chainsaw safety helmet with a visor is a vital part of your protective equipment. We have models with a variety of different specifications to suit your needs.

With nearly 30 models to choose from, one for every situation.

Our Range of Chainsaw Safety, Climbing & Forestry Helmets Includes

  • Petzl Vertex Chainsaw Helmet, muffs and visor – fitted with Peltor Optime III chipper muffs, rated at SNR:34 for excellent protection when working with loud machinery. Also, features visor carrier and Advance visor. Includes ventilation on helmet shell, and rubber dust shield on visor carrier to keep out debris. Adjustable fit from 53-63cm. Four-point chin strap complies with EN12492. Choice of colours.
  • Protos Integral Arborist Helmet – many new and improved safety features are integrated with the helmet shell for greater comfort and functionality. With impact resistant, cushioned inner shell and patented neck protector. Red/yellow design is 35 per cent more visible. Conforms to EN12422.
  • Husqvarna Chainsaw Helmet – peaked forestry helmet with SNR:26 muffs and mesh visor. Conforms to EN397.
  • Kask Chainsaw Helmet shell – high visibility neon yellow with reflective stickers, a four-point chinstrap and ventilation grills. Can be fitted with a visor and muffs. Complies with EN12492.
  • Tuffmaster Chainsaw Helmet, muffs and visor – comfort enhanced with ratchet adjustment for fit. Comes with Peltor X4 ear muffs, which are light yet comply with SNR:32 hearing protection. A large mesh visor gives great face coverage, plus rubber dust shield to keep debris out. Conforms to EN39.

When working in low-light conditions or during night time tasks, having adequate illumination is crucial. Our range of headlamps is designed to provide reliable lighting solutions while keeping your hands free. Equipped with advanced LED technology, these headlamps offer powerful illumination, allowing you to work efficiently and safely in any environment.

Our Range of Headlamps Includes

  • Petzl Tikka 2 Headtorch – featuring a tilting lamp head, 4 lighting levels plus boost and a choice of powerful beam or wide angle lens.

Protecting your hearing is of utmost importance, especially in industries where noise levels can reach hazardous levels. Our selection of ear protection products includes earmuffs and earplugs designed to reduce noise exposure and prevent potential hearing damage. These products are comfortable to wear for extended periods and are engineered to provide optimal noise reduction without compromising communication or situational awareness.

Our Range of Ear Protection Products Include

Shielding your face and respiratory system from airborne particles, dust, and hazardous chemicals is essential in many work settings. Our range of face and respiratory protection equipment includes face shields, respirators, and dust masks. These products are crafted from high-quality materials and provide a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring that you can breathe easily while maintaining clear visibility.

Included in Our Range of Face & Respiratory Protection is

To keep your helmets in top condition, we offer a comprehensive selection of helmet parts and accessories. Whether you need replacement visors, earmuff attachments, chin straps, or sweatbands, we have you covered. Our helmet parts are designed to be compatible with various helmet models, ensuring you can easily find the components you need to maintain your protective gear.

Included in Our Range of Helmet Parts are

  • Sordin Replacement Mesh Visor – to fit Balance and Husqvarna helmets (clips onto the visor carrier). Compatible with Sordin or Husqvarna attachments.

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