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  • Ecoplug Max Stump Treatment, box 100 plugs

    Ecoplug Max Stump Treatment, box 100 plugs

    Ecoplug Max® is a patented tree stump control her…

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  • Ecoplug Drill Bit

    Adapted to produce the correct size and depth of h…

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    Barclay Gallup Biograde Amenity, 5 litre

    A systemic herbicide for control of surfaces not i…

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    Roundup ProActive 360, 5 litre

    Roundup ProActive has been developed for use on we…

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    SBK Brushwood Killer, 1 litre

    A selective herbicide. Active ingredient: Triclopy…

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    MMC Pro Algae & Moss Remover, 5 litre

    The easiest and most effective way to treat and pr…

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At Landmark Trading, we understand the importance of maintaining pristine landscapes while ensuring the health and vitality of your green spaces. Our comprehensive range of high-quality chemical products is designed to address a variety of land management challenges. Included within our range are the following tope quality products.

Ecoplug Max Stump Treatment: Removing unsightly tree stumps is a breeze with Ecoplug Max Stump Treatment. This innovative solution provides an efficient and environmentally friendly way to control stump regrowth. Our Ecoplug Max Drill Bit ensures precise application, allowing the treatment to penetrate deep into the stump, preventing regrowth and enabling you to regain control over your landscape.

Barclay Gallup Biograde: When it comes to weed control, Barclay Gallup Biograde stands as a reliable solution. This versatile herbicide is specially formulated to target a wide range of unwanted vegetation while minimizing harm to the surrounding environment. With its biodegradable properties, you can trust Barclay Gallup Biograde to maintain the integrity of your landscape while effectively managing weed growth.

Roundup ProActive 360 Amenity: Keeping large areas free from weeds requires a potent and efficient solution. Roundup ProActive 360 Amenity offers professional-strength weed control, ensuring that invasive plants are eradicated swiftly. Its broad-spectrum action and systemic properties guarantee that the entire plant, including roots, is targeted, providing you with long-lasting results.

SBK Brushwood Killer: Tackling dense undergrowth and brushwood can be challenging, but with SBK Brushwood Killer, you’re equipped for the task. This powerful herbicide is specifically designed to control woody plants and tough weeds. Whether you’re dealing with brambles, nettles, or other persistent vegetation, SBK Brushwood Killer offers a reliable solution for efficient clearance.

MMC Pro Algae & Moss Remover: The battle against algae and moss is made easier with MMC Pro Algae & Moss Remover. This advanced formula effectively eliminates unsightly growth from various surfaces, including driveways, patios, and roofs. With its rapid action and residual control, your outdoor spaces will remain cleaner and more inviting for longer periods..

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