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Trusted advisors

Through working for many years with both big and small companies within the arb sector, and by keeping in close contact with industry regulators, the Arb Association, and our customers, we’ve developed a sound understanding of the industry. You can be confident of working with a team who ‘know their stuff’.


Reliable service

For us, reliability is a key factor in having cemented the many long-standing customer relationships we enjoy today. We understand the need for the right goods to arrive in the right quantities at the right place and time, making for friction-free transactions. We also believe communication is key, and work hard to keep customers informed in the event of stock issues or delays.

Customer service

Great product knowledge

Our customer service and sales personnel remain closely connected with our customers, our products and the industry. This means that whenever you contact us, you’ll be talking with people who can offer helpful and informative responses. We believe that in a digital world, being able to communicate effectively with customers has become more, not less, important.


Fun, fancy or functional – arb gear comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • Weaver Throw Weights, 12oz

    12oz throwbags have strong stitching, made from a …

    Code: K4570 £17.42 ex VAT(£20.90 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • 16mm Lowering Kit

    This lowering kit contains: 1 x 50m Marlow Drac…

    Code: K8140 £725.92 ex VAT(£871.10 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • 25ltr Oregon 2 Stroke Oil

    Low smoke formula for professional use. High perfo…

    Code: L4120 £172.64 ex VAT(£207.17 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • DMM Boa Karabiner, 3 way

    Aluminium Karabiner with a large profile, provides…

    Code: K5500 £19.98 ex VAT(£23.98 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Treemme Canyon Chainsaw Boots, Green

    Very lightweight chainsaw boots with a breathable …

    Code: select option £223.60 ex VAT(£223.60 inc VAT) Select options
  • Harkie Bleed Control Kit with SWAT-T tourniquet & Celox gauze

    Harkie Bleed Control Kit with tourniquet and Celox…

    Code: C2033 £100.65 ex VAT(£120.78 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Distein Forestry Marking Paint, 500ml can

    Intense, bright colours make Distein paint ideal f…

    Code: select option £8.72 ex VAT(£10.46 inc VAT) Select options
  • Edelrid Extreme XP II Flipline, 3m, with twister triple

    12.5mm flip line with rope grab and swivel karabin…

    Code: K3871 £192.97 ex VAT(£231.56 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • treeMOTION Essential Harness

    The new treeMOTION Essential has now been perfectl…

    Code: select option £295.00 ex VAT(£354.00 inc VAT) Select options
  • Harkie Sentry Rope Bag, Orange

    Very heavy duty self supporting rope bag with padd…

    Code: select option From £183.75 ex VAT(From £220.50 inc VAT) Select options

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