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  • On Backorder

    Cooper Pegler Maxipro Sprayer, 5 litre

    Designed to meet the needs of both the home garden…

    Code: H1160 £96.20 ex VAT(£115.44 inc VAT)
  • Cooper Pegler Sprayer, 1.5 litre

    The spray pattern can be adjusted from a 45 degree…

    Code: H1140 £26.92 ex VAT(£32.30 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Cooper Pegler Sprayer, 8 litre

    Maxipro pump up sprayers are robust compact easy t…

    Code: H1180 £107.64 ex VAT(£129.17 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Cooper Pegler Knapsack Sprayer, 15 litre

    Tank capacity 15 litre Lance length: 50cm Weight e…

    Code: H1010 £206.91 ex VAT(£248.29 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • On Backorder

    Oregon Knapsack Sprayer, 15 litre

    Value for money sprayer with a robust, transparent…

    Code: H1060 £80.00 ex VAT(£96.00 inc VAT)
  • Out of Stock

    Watchman Pump-Up Sprayer, 6 litre

    Robust construction with a stable base. Trigger wi…

    Code: H1170 £78.99 ex VAT(£94.79 inc VAT) Read more
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  • Out of Stock

    Bastion Knapsack Sprayer, 15 litre

    Designed for the professional, the Bastion is a qu…

    Code: H1030 £149.50 ex VAT(£179.40 inc VAT) Read more
  • Chemical Coverall with elasticated hood, CE type 5 & 6

    Protective disposable spray suit with an attached …

    Code: select option £7.75 ex VAT(£9.30 inc VAT) Select options
  • Tyvek Chemical Coverall, with elasticated hood, CE type 5 & 6

    Chemical resistant coverall which is tough, wear r…

    Code: select option £9.92 ex VAT(£11.90 inc VAT) Select options
  • Safety Wellington Boots, toecap & midsole, black

    Black Safety Wellington conforming to EN345. Avail…

    Code: select option £21.01 ex VAT(£21.01 inc VAT) Select options
  • Out of Stock

    Face shield with clear visor

    Face shield with a flip-up clear visor and head ba…

    Code: B3232 £23.80 ex VAT(£28.56 inc VAT) Read more
  • Out of Stock

    3M Dust Masks FFP3D, pack 5

    Disposable dust maskvapour mask for some protectio…

    Code: B2660 £49.66 ex VAT(£59.59 inc VAT) Read more
  • 1000ml Plastic Measuring Jug

    The 1 litre (2 pint) clear plastic measuring jug i…

    Code: H1550 £7.99 ex VAT(£9.59 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Out of Stock

    Anvil Nozzle 0.58 ltr/min, (Lilac)

    Lilac standard ISO deflector with an output of 0.6…

    Code: H1310-LC £3.70 ex VAT(£4.44 inc VAT) Read more
  • Out of Stock

    Anvil Nozzle 1.2 ltr/min (brown)

    Brown standard ISO deflector with an output of 1.2…

    Code: H1310-BR £3.70 ex VAT(£4.44 inc VAT) Read more
  • Anvil Nozzle 1.85 ltr/min, (white)

    White standard ISO deflector with an output of 1.8…

    Code: H1310-WH £3.70 ex VAT(£4.44 inc VAT) Add to basket

Welcome to the Sprayers section of the Landmark Trading website, your one-stop destination for high-quality spraying solutions and essential protective gear. Our carefully curated selection of products caters to a wide range of agricultural, horticultural, and industrial needs, ensuring efficient and accurate application while prioritizing safety.


  • Cooper Pegler Maxipro Sprayer: Engineered for excellence, the Cooper Pegler Maxipro Sprayer sets a new standard for precision spraying. With its advanced design and robust construction, it guarantees consistent performance, making it a favorite among professionals who demand reliability and accuracy.
  • Cooper Pegler Knapsack Sprayer: Harness the power of innovation with the Cooper Pegler Knapsack Sprayer. Designed for comfort and convenience, this sprayer offers ease of use during extended applications, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  • Oregon Knapsack Sprayer: The Oregon Knapsack Sprayer seamlessly combines ergonomic design with cutting-edge technology, delivering exceptional spraying efficiency. Whether you’re tending to crops or maintaining landscapes, this sprayer proves to be a valuable asset.
  • Watchman Pump-Up Sprayer: Versatile and easy to operate, the Watchman Pump-Up Sprayer is designed for effective spot applications. Its compact design and user-friendly features ensure that you can achieve targeted spraying with minimal effort.
  • Bastion Knapsack Sprayer: The Bastion Knapsack Sprayer redefines ease of use and durability. Crafted with precision, it offers precise spraying control, enabling you to manage various applications with confidence.

Protective Gear:

  • Chemical Coverall with Elasticated Hood, CE Type 5 & 6: Safety comes first with our Chemical Coveralls. Designed to shield against a range of chemical hazards, these coveralls provide reliable protection while maintaining comfort through their elasticated hood and advanced materials.
  • Safety Wellington Boots with Toecap & Midsole: Stay secure and comfortable with our Safety Wellington Boots. Featuring a protective toecap and midsole, these boots are engineered to withstand challenging environments, ensuring your feet are safe at all times.
  • Face Shield with Clear Visor: Our Face Shield with Clear Visor provides an extra layer of protection for your face and eyes. Ideal for various applications, this shield offers crystal-clear visibility while safeguarding against potential splashes and airborne particles.
  • 3M Dust Masks FFP3D, Pack of 5: Breathe easy with our 3M Dust Masks. Designed to filter out fine dust and particles, these masks offer FFP3 level protection, making them an essential accessory for tasks where respiratory protection is paramount.
  • Plastic Measuring Jugs and Nozzles: Achieve precision in your applications with our Plastic Measuring Jugs and Nozzles. These tools facilitate accurate mixing and controlled spraying, ensuring optimal results every time.

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