Hand Tools

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of hand tools designed to meet the needs of arborist, fencing, gardening, and workshop tasks. Our wide range of reliable and durable tools will assist you in completing your projects with precision and efficiency.

We stock leading brands such as Wolf Garten, Bulldog, Bahco, Spear & Jackson, Stihl, Silky, Wilkinson Sword, Chelwood and more.

Construction & Fencing Tools

For construction and fencing purposes, we offer a selection of robust tools such as sledgehammers, measuring tapes, and post knockers.

Lawn & Garden Tools

Maintaining your lawn and garden has never been easier with our assortment of lawn and garden tools. From rakes and shovels to shears, we provide you with the essential implements.

Tree & Hedge Tools

When it comes to tree and hedge maintenance, we offer a range of specialized tools. Our pruning saws feature sharp, precision-cutting blades that effortlessly handle branches and limbs, promoting healthy growth and maintaining the desired shape of your trees.

Workshop Tools

In our workshop tools section, you’ll find an assortment of versatile and reliable implements for various repair and maintenance tasks. With our workshop tools, you can confidently tackle projects, big or small, knowing you have the right tools at your disposal.

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