Arborist strops and lanyards are incredibly important elements of the professional tree surgeon’s toolkit. All strops and lanyards need to be strong, reliable and durable to provide you with stability and uncompromising support.

At Landmark Trading, we understand the vital role that strops and lanyards play in tree surgery work. From prussics to slings and fliplines, all our stock conforms to the most rigorous safety standards and are made by internationally recognised manufacturers. What’s more, you can get free delivery anywhere in the UK mainland on all orders of more than £100 (excluding VAT).

Our extensive range of arborist lanyards, strops and fliplines includes:

  • Classic Pro Flipline – steel core, 13mm diameter flipline fitted with a three-way alloy snap hook. It is 3metres long, serial numbered and conforms to EN358.
  • Endless Tape Strop – a 120cm, 25mm wide polyamide sling with a maximum breaking strain of 30kN. Serial numbered, and conforms to EN795 and EN566.
  • Petzl Grillon – a 3-metre work positioning lanyard that has a rope grab and a double-acting snap hook. Replacement rope is available, and it conforms to EN358.
  • Nylon Safety Strop – this safety strop is 1.8 metres long and made with supple three-strand nylon. The lanyard has one soft eye and one rigid eye on a nylon thimble. The splice is protected by a sheath, and the strop is CE marked and serial numbered.
  • CE Lanyard – this CE work positioning lanyard is 3 metres long and incorporates the hitch climber system with Pinto Pulley for easy length adjustment. An Ocean Vectran® rope with thimble is intended as an additional mounting point. Conforms to EN358.

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