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  • Figure of Eight Descender

    For controlling the descent of timber and for use …

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  • Harkie Small Capstan, for 13mm rope

    A popular lowering device for single person use al…

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  • Notch Large Portawrap Capstan, max 19mm rope

    The Notch Portawrap is an effective friction manag…

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  • Harkie Lowering Bollard

    Harkie Lowering Bollard, robustly made with two 50…

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  • Heavy Duty Lowering Bollard, SWL 30kN

    Heavy Duty Lowering Bollard for use with ropes up …

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  • Mountable Lowering Bollard, SWL 5kN

    Fitted with large rubber blocks to protect the bar…

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  • Stein RC2001 Lowering Device

    Stein RC2001 Lowering Device

    Medium duty single bollard lowering device. Easily…

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  • Out of Stock
    Stein RCW3001 Lowering Device

    Stein RCW3001 Lowering Device

    THe RCW3001 is bollard system which can be used in…

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  • Out of Stock

    Stein RCWinch Kit to fit RCW 3001 bollard

    The RCWINCH is a rugged constructed brake winch de…

    Code: K7891 £468.00 ex VAT(£561.60 inc VAT) Read more

Lowering devices are an important part of any arborist’s toolkit, allowing them to lower heavy loads to the ground safely. Our lowering devices and pulleys are chosen specifically with the needs of the tree surgeon in mind and are specifically designed for working with woods of all kinds.

All our lowering devices have been thoroughly tested to destruction by the manufacturers and conform to all international safety standards. Details of load rating can be found on each individual product page.

Our Range of Tree Lowering Devices Includes

  • Heavy Duty Lowering Bollard – this one of a number of extremely stable bollards to use when dismantling, with a serrated base plate. The rope fair lead can be used from almost all directions, with ropes of up to 20mm in diameter. It is supplied with three 8m straps, and the weight (excluding straps) is 16kg. The capacity is 3000kg.
  • Mountable Lowering Bollard – one of the lowering bollards that are fitted with large rubber blocks to protect the bark from damage. A whoopie sling can be attached for backup mounting if needed. To be used with ropes of up to 16mm in diameter. Its weight (excluding straps) is 5.65kg. The safe working load is 500kg.
  • Large Portawrap – this assists in lowering operations as a friction brake. It is designed for use with a rope of 16mm maximum. The standard weight limit of this item is 1000kg.
  • Figure of Eight Descender – a simple but highly effective way of lowering heavy timber, these devices are used by climbers and arborists throughout the world. Made from polished aluminium with a load rating of 35kN.

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