As suppliers of the best tree surgery and arboricultural equipment on the market, Landmark Trading has a wide range of high quality ropes and rope care accessories.

Ropes are a key component of any tree surgery operation and every arborist will have their favourites. It’s why our portfolio of arborist ropes includes a wide range of sizes, types, diameters and brands of rope from internationally recognised manufacturers, conforming to international safety standards.

Whether it’s a lightweight climbing rope for agile ascents or a strong and sturdy bullrope for heavy duty rigging, we’ve got you covered.

Our Arborist & Tree Surgeon Ropes & Accessories Include

  • Teufelberger Tachyon Climbing Rope – a highly popular 11.5mm climbing rope available in various lengths or by the metre. Tachyon is an ideal diameter for use with many modern climbing devices such as the Petzl Zigzag or ART Spiderjack and works well with most other components of a modern climbing system. The core design ensures that the rope diameter remains consistent even when under tension, and the 24 plait cover responds well to a friction hitch. Conforms to EN1891.
  • Yale XTC Plus – 12mm diameter tree climbing rope designed for the professional. Has 16-plait construction with a twisted polyester core to keep it firm, and is 37 metres long with 1 spliced eye. It has a breaking strain of 2818kg and conforms to EN1891.
  • New England Hi-Vee – 45-metre, 1 spliced eye rope with a flexible and durable sheath, together with a safety blue core to help identify sheath damage. Hold knots well without developing a memory, 13mm diameter with breaking strain of 2650kg. Conforms to EN1891.

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