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  • Tricoflex Hosepipe, 12mm x 25M

    Tricoflex hose pipe is a professional 5 ply knitte…

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  • Tricoflex Hosepipe, 12mm x 50M

    The Tricoflex is a professional 5 ply knitted rein…

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  • Tricoflex Hosepipe, 12mm x 100M

    The Tricoflex is a professional 5 ply knitted rein…

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  • On Backorder

    Tricoflex Hosepipe, 19mm x 50M

    The Tricoflex is a professional 5 ply knitted rein…

    Code: H2040 £143.86 ex VAT(£172.63 inc VAT)
  • Tricoflex Hosepipe, 19mm x 100M

    The Tricoflex is a professional 5 ply knitted rein…

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  • Tricoflex Hosepipe, 25mm x 50M

    The Tricoflex is a professional 5 ply knitted rein…

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  • LDPE Water Pipe

    Easy to cut and bend LDPE Pipe. External diameter:…

    Code: H4530 £81.01 ex VAT(£97.21 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Porous Pipe, 16mm OD x 25m

    This porous pipe is designed for surface and sub-s…

    Code: H4520 £43.49 ex VAT(£52.19 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Professional Hose Trolley

    This professional hose trolley accepts 100 metres …

    Code: H2110 £157.04 ex VAT(£188.45 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Multifunction Spray Gun

    This Spray Gun has 7 alternative spray patterns. I…

    Code: H2280 £22.18 ex VAT(£26.62 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • 90cm Watering Lance Assembly

    The 90cm Watering Lance comes complete with a repl…

    Code: H2210 £56.37 ex VAT(£67.64 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Alloy Nozzle for lance

    Replacement nozzle for the watering lances. D…

    Code: H2250 £10.58 ex VAT(£12.70 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Garden Sprinkler

    This garden sprinkler has a wide stable galvanised…

    Code: H4170 £52.31 ex VAT(£62.77 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Tripod Sprinkler complete

    Adjustable height from 72cm up to 113cm. Spikes en…

    Code: H4160 £63.40 ex VAT(£76.08 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Garden Sprinkler with a height pipe

    This Sled Base Sprinkler has a very stable galvani…

    Code: H4180 £65.46 ex VAT(£78.55 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Out of Stock

    Chrome Sprinkler Head, full circle, 1/2 inch

    Chrome sprinkler head, full circle with a 4 – 6 …

    Code: H4220 £7.30 ex VAT(£8.76 inc VAT) Read more

At Landmark Trading, we recognize that proper irrigation is the cornerstone of maintaining lush and vibrant landscapes. Our comprehensive range of irrigation products is designed to help you achieve optimal water distribution, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain healthy and thriving.

Tricoflex Hosepipe: Our Tricoflex Hosepipe collection offers a versatile solution for effective water delivery. Available in various lengths, these high-quality hosepipes provide the flexibility and durability required for both small and large-scale irrigation projects. Crafted from premium materials, Tricoflex Hosepipes are designed to withstand various weather conditions while maintaining consistent water flow.

Porous Pipe: For efficient and uniform irrigation, our porous pipes are a reliable choice. These specialized pipes allow water to seep through their surface, ensuring even distribution to the surrounding soil. Whether you’re tending to flower beds, vegetable gardens, or shrubbery, porous pipes offer a water-efficient solution that minimizes waste.

Professional Hose Trolley: Keep your irrigation setup organized and mobile with our professional hose trolleys. These sturdy and ergonomic trolleys provide a convenient way to manage your hosepipes, preventing tangling and ensuring easy transportation. With a variety of designs and sizes available, our hose trolleys cater to the specific needs of your landscaping projects.

Multifunction Spray Gun: Achieve precision and control during your watering routine with our multifunction spray guns. These versatile tools offer various spray patterns, allowing you to adjust water delivery according to different plant requirements. From gentle misting to powerful jet streams, our spray guns provide the flexibility to nurture each plant type effectively.

Watering Lance Assembly: Reach distant or elevated areas with ease using our watering lance assemblies. These extended watering tools offer increased range and accuracy, ensuring that every corner of your landscape receives the attention it deserves. With adjustable settings, you can customize the water flow for optimal coverage.

Sprinklers and Sprinkler Accessories: Our selection of sprinklers and sprinkler accessories caters to a wide range of irrigation needs. Whether you’re looking for stationary sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, or rotary sprinklers, we have the right options for you. Enhance your watering efficiency by choosing from our array of accessories, including connectors, adapters, and stands.

Irrigation Water Timer: Save time and water resources with our irrigation water timers. These intelligent devices allow you to schedule automated watering sessions, ensuring your plants receive consistent hydration even when you’re not around. With user-friendly interfaces and customizable programming, our water timers are designed to simplify your irrigation routine.

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