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  • Chainsaw Lanyard, 100cm

    Webbing tool strop with two sewn eyes. Chainsaw st…

    Code: K4430 £8.10 ex VAT(£9.72 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Chainsaw Lanyard with ring, 120cm

    Webbing tool strop with two eyes and a captive rin…

    Code: K4440 £10.25 ex VAT(£12.30 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Harkie Bungee Chainsaw Lanyard, soft elastic, orange

    Harkie soft elastic bungee tool strop with chrome …

    Code: K4460 £13.50 ex VAT(£16.20 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Out of Stock

    Bungee Chainsaw Lanyard, strong elastic, yellow

    Specially designed with strong elastication to hel…

    Code: K4470 £17.25 ex VAT(£20.70 inc VAT) Read more
  • Tool Strop, 25cm

    25cm long with a captive ring. Useful for extra st…

    Code: K4410 £5.90 ex VAT(£7.08 inc VAT) Add to basket
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