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  • Oregon Round Chainsaw Files, box 12

    High quality chainsaw files made from finest steel…

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  • Oregon Flat Files, 6 inch, pack of 12

    Best quality swiss files made from finest steel fo…

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  • 5.2mm (13/64 inch) Chainsaw Files, pack of 3

    Stihl Chainsaw Files 5.2mm (13/64) per pack of 3

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  • Wooden File Handle

    Chainsaw file handle. Polished hardwood.

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  • Plastic File Handle with collet

    Weatherproof plastic chainsaw handle with a collet…

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  • Oregon Sharpening Kit, in wallet

    Attractively presented chainsaw sharpening kit inc…

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  • Stihl 2 in 1 Easy File sharpening device

    Stihl 2 in 1 Easy File sharpening device

    The Stihl 2-in-1 easyfile sharpening device is as …

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  • Oregon File Holder

    Chainsaw file holder marked with sharpening angles…

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  • Bar Groove Cleaner

    Flat metal bar for cleaning out the groove on chai…

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  • Oregon Depth Gauge Tool

    Used to correctly re-set the depth of cut when sha…

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  • Oregon Filing Clamp

    Useful device that holds the bar stationary during…

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  • Oregon Chain Breaker

    Easy to operate just position the chain over the a…

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  • Oregon Rivet Spinner

    Bench mounted unit that makes a professional job o…

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  • Oregon Bar Cover

    Protect your chain and bar with these plastic bar …

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  • Out of Stock

    Electric Sure-Sharp, 12V

    Chainsaw sharpening device, powered by a 12 volt b…

    Code: L3490 £46.12 ex VAT(£55.34 inc VAT) Read more
  • Replacement Stones for Sure Sharp

    Replacement stones for the Sure Sharp. In packs of…

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Our range of sharpening equipment offers everything tree surgeons need to keep their chainsaws in tip-top condition. If your chainsaw blade is slowing down, burning or bucking while cutting through wood it is time to sharpen the blade. This will not only make your job of cutting through wood easier and quicker, but it will also help avoid kickbacks, one of the most common causes of chainsaw injuries.

Sharpening a chainsaw isn’t as hard as it might seem, especially if you have the right tools. Refer to our guide on how to sharpen a chainsaw for more details. We have all the essential equipment to sharpen the Stihl MS 150 and Oregon chainsaws including sharpening kits, rivet spinners, chain breakers, chainsaw files, roller filing guides and much more.

Our chainsaw sharpening kits will ensure that you have the correct size file for your chainsaw and a file guide to hold the file at the right depth. Our Stihl MS 150 sharpening kits contain flat and round files and a file gauge. The Oregon sharpening kit includes a file depth gauge, flat and round files, and bar groove cleaner. We also offer packs of chainsaw files separately, Stihl chainsaw files are available in packs of 3, Oregon chainsaw files are available in packs of 12.

Hold the chainsaw bar firmly in place using the Oregon Filing Clamp. This clamp has two spike feet to grip onto tree stumps to make chainsaw sharpening simple whilst out in the field. The Oregon Precision Filing Guide will enable you to accurately file the saw teeth.

If manually sharpening isn’t your preferred method we also stock an electric sharpening device, the Electric Sure-Sharp. Compatible with most chain types this device will take the effort out of chainsaw sharpening.

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