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    Stein Skyshot Throw Weight, 8oz

    Stein Skyshot Pro Throw weight

    Code: K4551 £17.00 ex VAT(£20.40 inc VAT)
  • Stein Skyshot Throw Weight, 16oz

    Stein 16oz throw weight

    Code: K4581 £17.00 ex VAT(£20.40 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Weaver Throw Weights, 12oz

    12oz throwbags have strong stitching, made from a …

    Code: K4570 £17.42 ex VAT(£20.90 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Out of Stock

    Weaver Throw Weights, 16oz

    These 16oz throwbags have strong stitching and are…

    Code: K4580 £17.42 ex VAT(£20.90 inc VAT) Read more
  • Throwpod Throw Weight 8oz

    Solid aerodynamic throw weight for greater precisi…

    Code: K4558 £36.00 ex VAT(£43.20 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • On Backorder

    Throwpod Throw Weight 10oz

    Solid aerodynamic throw weight for greater precisi…

    Code: K4568 £37.00 ex VAT(£44.40 inc VAT)
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  • Polyethylene Throw Line, 2mm x 50M

    2mm diameter throwline.. 50 metre coil.

    Code: K4610 £16.11 ex VAT(£19.33 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Kernmantle Throw Line, 3mm x 100M

    With good snag resistance the kermantle constructi…

    Code: K4631 £55.37 ex VAT(£66.44 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Out of Stock

    Zing-It Throw Line, 1.75mm x 55M

    1.75mm diameter throwlines with a coating to allow…

    Code: K4660 £34.96 ex VAT(£41.95 inc VAT) Read more
  • Weaver Storage Throwline Bag

    Lightweight storage bag for throwline weight with …

    Code: K4710 £23.40 ex VAT(£28.08 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Collapsible Throwline Storage Cube, 41cm x 41cm

    Folds down very compactly but springs open to a ca…

    Code: K4740 £33.70 ex VAT(£40.44 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Edelrid Collapsible Throwline Bag, 50cm x 25cm x 25cm

    Very compact when folded down but springs open to …

    Code: K4730 £54.93 ex VAT(£65.92 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Big Shot Catapult

    This powerful catapult accurately fires a throwlin…

    Code: K4770 £145.35 ex VAT(£174.42 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Replacement Head for Big Shot Catapult

    Fits Jameson fibreglass poles.

    Code: K4770-1 £98.16 ex VAT(£117.79 inc VAT) Add to basket
  • Replacement Rubber for Big Shot

    Holds a throw weight until release Ensures a clean…

    Code: K4770-2 £39.35 ex VAT(£47.22 inc VAT) Add to basket

Throw lines and throw weights are used by tree surgeons to secure ropes high up in trees from the ground.

We have a range of Weaver weights – 8oz, 12oz and 16oz. Weaver Arborist are renowned for the design and quality of their products. The bags are made from hard wearing Cordura material with strong stitching. The aerodynamic design increases the range and accuracy of the throw. The motion of the shot that the weights are filled with means that they are less likely to get caught in tree branches.

Our lightweight polyethylene throw lines range from 1.75mm to 3mm diameters. The kernmantle construction of our 3mm x 50m throw line offers optimal flexibility, strength and durability. All of our throw lines are perfect for positioning heavier ropes, they all have low levels of stretch and high breaking strains. They come in high visibility fleck colours to help position ropes effectively.

We have a range of throw line accessories including three different styles of storage bags by Weaver and climbing hardware specialist, Edelrid. Our collapsible storage cube has a capacity of 41cm x 41cm, it folds down compactly and springs open to form an open top, self supporting container.

The Big Shot Catapult helps arborists accurately position ropes into higher positions with a range of over 100m. The catapult comes with 2 x 1.2m length poles and a catapult head. We also carry replacement heads that fit the fibreglass extension poles.

Read our guide to rope throwing and throw lines.

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