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Chainsaw Boots

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Chainsaw Boots

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  • Kayo Chainsaw Boot, Lime

    The Kayo boots are a new generation of technical chainsaw boots designed t... Read More

    Code: B1654-LI-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £222.00)

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  • Haix Protector Pro 2.0 Chainsaw Boots

    A robust, hard wearing chainsaw boot with insulated sole ideal for demandi... Read More

    Code: B1692-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £233.50)

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  • Haix Trekker Mountain 2.0 Chainsaw Boots

    Goretex lined chainsaw boot with supple nubuk leather upper. ... Read More

    Code: B1711-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £212.50)

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  • Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots, Brown

    Code: B1650-BR-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £216.00)

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  • Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots, Red

    Code: B1650-RE-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £216.00)

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  • Treemme Canyon Chainsaw Boots, Green

    Code: B1730-GN-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £188.50)

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  • Treemme Canyon Chainsaw Boots, Red

    Very lightweight chainsaw boots with a breathable and waterproof lining. ... Read More

    Code: B1730-RE-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £188.50)

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  • Treemme Canyon Chainsaw Boots, Orange

    Code: B1730-OR-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £188.50)

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  • Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots, Black

    FREE UK Delivery. Based on the successful design of the Scafell XER but w... Read More

    Code: B1650-BK-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £216.00)

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  • Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots, Blue

    FREE UK Delivery Based on the successful design of the Scafell XER but wi... Read More

    Code: B1650-BU-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £216.00)

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  • Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots, Green

    FREE UK Delivery The Scafell Lite is a step forward in chainsaw footwear.... Read More

    Code: B1650-GN-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £216.00)

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  • Meindl Airstream Chainsaw Boots

    Free UK Delivery The Meindl Airstream chainsaw boot is a modern, trekking... Read More

    Code: B1660-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £239.50)

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  • Haix Protector Forest Chainsaw Boots

    Free UK Delivery The award-winning HAIX Protector Forest is a modern... Read More

    Code: B1670-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £222.50)

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  • Haix Protector Pro Chainsaw Boots

    Free UK Delivery The HAIX Protector Pro is the perfect cut protection boo... Read More

    Code: B1690-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £225.00)

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  • Meindl Woodwalker Chainsaw Boots

    The Meindl Woodwalker, or Waldlaufer, boot is a high quality leather chain... Read More

    Code: B1700-Z

    Price From: From £189.95
    (Inc. VAT: £189.95)

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  • Treemme Aquastop Pro Chainsaw Boots

    Free Delivery The Treemme Aquastop Pro is a robust chainsaw boot suitable... Read More

    Code: B1750-Z

    Price From: From £169.50
    (Inc. VAT: £169.50)

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  • Haix Trekker Mountain Chainsaw Boots

    The Trekker Mountain boot is a low ankle boot with a seamless one-piece oi... Read More

    Code: B1710-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £210.00)

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  • Sherwood Chainsaw Boots

    Free UK Delivery The Lavoro Sherwood Waterproof Chainsaw Boot incorp... Read More

    Code: B1790-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £148.50)

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  • Lavoro Daintree Chainsaw Boots

    The Breathable leather Lavoro Daintree Chainsaw Boots that incorporate a C... Read More

    Code: B1860-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £114.90)

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  • Chainsaw Wellington, Class 3

    These Class 3 Chainsaw Wellingtons are Latex dipped, making them up t... Read More

    Code: B1890-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £74.50)

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  • Chainsaw Thigh Waders

    These waders are Latex dipped, making them up to 4 times stronger tha... Read More

    Code: B1900-Z

    (Inc. VAT: £142.50)

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21 Item(s)

Chainsaw Boots

Our range of Workwear PPE includes a wide selection of chainsaw safety boots featuring some of the most reliable and well-known brands available and are guaranteed to be durable and dependable. Our range of protective footwear includes chainsaw climbing boots and waterproof forestry boots that provide a sturdy base, combined with reliable durability for all kinds of hazardous and demanding outdoor activities.

As a leading supplier in the UK, we ensure our boots adhere to clearly stated safety standards. Our forestry boots offer the best in protection and comfort with features to reduce humidity, increase grip, and prevent injury. Some models offer features such as speed lacing or will mould to the foot for improved fit. Read our guide to choosing the best chainsaw boots.

Our Range of Forestry Boots Includes

  • Meindl Airstream - trekking style boot designed to reduce moisture with Gore-Tex® interior and exterior offering around 30% extra breathability, combined with in-built pumping action providing extra removal of humidity. Slip-resistant, shock absorber sole with steel midsole. Steel toecap and conforms to Class 1 (20 m/s)

  • Sherwood Boots - Waterproof, with a Clima-Cork footbed for insulation. Moulds to the shape of the foot, and includes speed lacing. Lightweight with good flexibility. Conforms to Class 3 (28 m/s)

  • Aquafell Xpert - for the professional who wants lightweight and high performance. Suited to tree climbing or general chainsaw work, featuring Kevlar six-layer blocking system to reduce bulk, speed lacing, Nomex stitching, strategic "flex points", anti-twist sole, defined heel and wide toe cap. Conforms to Class 2 (24 m/s)

  • Haix Protector Forest Boot - heavy duty climbing boot suited to arboriculture and ground work. Climate comfort features, Gore-Tex® lined with sturdy cushioned sole and no side seams. Class 2

  • Treemme Aquastop Pro - robust model for climbing or groundwork. Hydro-repellent, one-piece leather upper, with deep tread, shock absorber sole. Can use with crampons. Steel toecap and protective midsole. Class 2

Forestry Boots you can Trust

At Landmark Trading, all our products comply with internationally recognised safety regulations and are CE certified. All our boots comply with all the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR) and are appropriate for use with chainsaws used at ground level, as well as at height.

Chainsaw climbing & safety boots also come in several classes, which define the chainsaw speed under which have been tested. Class 1 has been tested to stop chainsaw speeds of 20m/s, Class 2 boots at 24m/s and Class 3 at 28m/s. So the higher the class of boot, the faster and more powerful chainsaw they are able to stop.

We only supply boots from the world’s leading brands, like Haix, Aquafell and Treemme, so you can be assured you’re feet are in very safe hands.

Health and Safety First

Choosing the right personal protective equipment is an important part of proper health and safety practice, which will also include the right training and a regime of equipment inspection and maintenance. For more information read our guide to chainsaw safety best practice.

If you want more advice on the right boot for you and the work you will be undertaking, call one of our trained sales team today for advice. Or why not use our contact form to get in touch.