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Cobra Bracing

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Cobra Bracing

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Cobra Bracing

Cobra Bracing is one of the leading tree bracing systems in the world and a fast and effective way of ensuring trees remain safe and stable. The Cobra System has made a huge contribution to tree management and stabilisation and is used by leading arborists and conservationists all over the world.

Cobra bracing is non-invasive and easy to install and setup, with only the use of a pair of scissors and a cigarette lighter. Once in situ, the Cobra tree bracing system does not need replacing for 12 years. It’s dynamic, flexible system is designed not to damage trees with invasive bracing rods and its shock absorbers allow for both dynamic and static braking systems.

Cobra Tree Bracing can be bought in 2, 4 or 8-tonne kits and we also sell separate components.

Benefits of the Cobra Tree Bracing System

The Cobra System comes with a 'ton' of benefits that put other tree bracing systems in the shade. First of all, it is extremely lightweight because it doesn’t use steel rods. This also means that it’s non-intrusive and won’t damage the tree you’re trying to protect.

Cobra’s unique shock absorbing system also allows it to be used for dynamic and static braking, protecting trees from thunderstorms and high winds as well as ensuring healthy tree growth over the 12 years it can be left in place.

Our Range of Cobra Tree Bracing Systems and Accessories Include

  • 8 Tonne Cobra Bracing Kit - this comprehensive Cobra system package includes a 40m rope, 12m anti-abrasion sleeving, and four shock absorbers. Additionally, there are instructions, eight expanding bands, eight end sheaths and a mini blow torch.
  • 8 Tonne End Sheath - this heat shrink Cobra end sheath provides tidy termination and makes splicing the rope easier. These end sheaths are available in different colours to enable easy coding and dating.
  • Cobra Mini Blow Torch - a mini blow torch used in tree bracing for heat sealing ropes and end sheaths. It provides a high pressure, concentrated flame.
  • 8 Tonne Shock Absorber - used for minimising the risk of tree limbs whipping about in gusty winds. Made of rubber, this shock absorber is placed in a rope midway between limbs.

Proud UK Supplier of Cobra Bracing

At Landmark Trading, we love the Cobra Bracing System for tree stabilisation and are proud to offer it to our discerning customers, which include arborists, landscapers and conservation groups from all over the UK.

For more information on how this incredible piece of kit works in the field, take a look at our Arborist's Ultimate Gear Guide on Cobra Bracing, or call one of our experts today for the complete low down.