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Best Chainsaw Trousers

Chainsaw trousers are arguably the most import piece of Chainsaw Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are an essential piece of safety equipment for anyone operating a chainsaw.

A great pair of chainsaw trousers should be comfortable, allow sufficient mobility, and offer adequate protection for your specific situation. Accidents can happen even to the most experienced users and your chainsaw trousers are going to be the last line of defence preventing what could be a serious injury.

However, not all chainsaw trousers are created equal and some are better designed for specific tasks such as ground work, usually utilising Type A protection or aerial work which would normally require Type C protection. You might need them to be lightweight, warm, cool, flexible, water resistant, durable, stylish, or affordable depending on your personal preference.

For this guide, we’re going to be focusing on some of the popular Type C protective trousers on the market right now. All of the trousers below conform with the minimum EN381-5 Class 1 safety standard.

Best Chainsaw Trousers

Premium Chainsaw Trousers

When searching for a pair of chainsaw trousers, there are some essential features you should bear in mind. Understanding the risks and requirements of your workplace and how to mitigate and meet those before you search, can save you a bad buy and ensure you’re properly attired.

The three chainsaw trousers we’ve included below cover a range of different requirements, as well as being favourably reviewed by our community.

Durable Chainsaw Trousers

Pfanner Gladiator Ventilation Chainsaw Trousers

Pfanner Gladiator Ventilation Chainsaw TrousersBuy Now

When purchasing protective equipment there’s usually a balance to strike between affordability, durability and desirability. Whilst these Pfanner chainsaw trousers are one of the priciest on the market, retailing at between £200 and £245, the quality and durability are excellent, and in our opinion, they’re well worth the initial cost when you compare the average life span to other products on the market, especially if you’re working in contact with a lot of rough or thorny material.

Flexible and tough

These trousers use the original, proven Gladiator fabric on the front of the trouser, with an additional knee reinforcement, making the fronts significantly more tough and tear resistant than most other chainsaw trousers, with StretchAir highly stretchy fabric to the back ensuring a very good level of flexibility and ease of movement. Additional reinforcement patches on the inside ankles help protect against spike damage whilst climbing.

Range of Type and Size Options

These Pfanner trousers come in type A (front protection) and type C (all round protection) in regular and long leg versions, so it should be easy to find a pair to suit your requirements.

Functional Chainsaw Trousers

Arbortec Breatheflex GO/RT Chainsaw Safety Trousers

Arbortec Breatheflex GO/RT Chainsaw Safety TrousersBuy Now

As specialists in the arboricultural and forestry industries, Arbortec has had a lot of experience in designing professional chainsaw wear. With a focus on functionality, style and performance, Arbortec makes products to fit market demand. Coming in at the medium price point range, the quality on the Breatheflex range offers good value for the price.

Comfort Fit

Unlike cheap chainsaw trousers, the Breatheflex are designed with comfort in mind. Although they still offer the requisite protection to meet full Class 1 requirements, the modern ultra-light blocking material and 6-way Climasphere stretch fabric ensures maximise freedom of movement and minimises any fatigue associated with the wearing of chainsaw trousers. With a double layer fabric on the seat for added wear resistance, these trousers are highly breathable for ultimate comfort.

To help keep you fully protected, these trousers include a tag to secure to your chainsaw boots and help prevent trouser leg riding up.


Compliant with EN ISO 20471, the high visibility standard, the Breatheflex Hivis will help ensure that you’re seen when you need to be, particularly in potentially dangerous and low visibility environments, especially high-risk situations such as working on or near roads. They’re also compliant with GO/RT regulations for use on railways.

Best Value Chainsaw Trousers

Summit Chainsaw Trousers

Summit Chainsaw TrousersBuy Now

If you’re looking for a good value chainsaw trouser at a lower end budget, we suggest you consider the Summit trousers. Made by Francital, these trousers are surprisingly lightweight for the price, have a stretchable crotch to aid movement, and are very reasonably priced whilst fully conforming to Class 1 chainsaw safety.

Wide size range

The Summit trousers are available in Type A (front protection) and Type C (all round protection), in a very wide range of sizes from Small to 3XL, fitting waist sizes from 28 to 47 inches, with many sizes available in both regular and long leg.

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