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Best Chainsaw Helmets

If there is one thing you shouldn’t neglect when using a chainsaw, it’s equipping yourself with the proper, regulatory protective gear. When it comes to any dangerous machinery, personal safety is something you can’t afford to shortcut.

When using chainsaws, injury can be caused not only by the powerful chain movement, but from flying debris, exposure to damaging noise levels or, for anyone working with trees, falling branches or a fall from height. Chainsaw safety helmets, unlike standard hard hats, are designed for these arborist and forestry specific dangers and provide not only impact protection but usually come with visors and ear muffs to protect the eyes, face and ears.

Each chainsaw helmet has certain characteristics which make it more or less suitable for your particular usage requirements. Choosing the right helmet is important to your safety, and this short guide explains the various types and their suitability.

Before we go further into detail about specific helmets, a brief reminder of European Test Standards. According to EN standards, Helmets to BS EN 397 or BS EN 14052 are only recommended for ground work. Mountaineering style helmets complying with BS EN 12492 can be used for both tree climbing operations and groundwork where there is nothing in the risk assessment to disqualify it. If a helmet has a BS EN 397 or BS EN 14052 compliant shell and cradle, but a BS EN 12492 chin strap or retention system, then this too is suitable for use on the ground where there is nothing in the task risk assessment to disqualify it.

Our Top 3 Chainsaw Safety Helmets

Choosing the chainsaw safety helmet that’s right for you is not necessarily an easy decision, and there are several features that you should consider before you decide, including the safety standard relevant to your type of work, the level of hearing protection, whether you need a vented helmet, and the type of face protection. In addition to this, although most helmets are adjustable, it’s important for your helmet to fit as closely to your head as possible.

We’ve picked 3 good sellers and looked at them in some closer detail below.

Most Popular Arborist Safety Helmet

Petzl Vertex Chainsaw Helmet with Sordin chipper muffs and visor

Petzl Vertex Chainsaw Helmet, chipper muffs and visor, SNR31Buy Now

French company Petzl is one of the most established work at height and climbing equipment manufacturers, and have remained at the forefront of their industry for decades. This innovation extends to their helmets, which are known for their comfort and quality. With a four point chin strap complying to EN12492, the Vertex Vent is a great climbing helmet but also is sometimes the helmet of choice for ground workers due to the adjustable ventilation. It comes with an additional thicker sweatband which can be fitted to make the helmet more of a snug fit on smaller head sizes and is available in a choice of six colours.

Ventilation Built-In

Arboriculture is a physically demanding job. And when you’re wearing a helmet, heat quickly builds up even in relatively cool weather. Having to wear a hard plastic helmet for protection is necessary, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be an uncomfortable experience. Not only do Petzl chainsaw helmets have built in vents on both sides of the shell, but also the ability to open and close the ventilation according to the climate, ensuring you won’t have to overheat whilst working but also allowing you to close them off on wet or cold days.

Sordin Chipper Muffs

We stock a variety of other Petzl Vertex Vent combinations, but this one with Sordin chipper muffs takes the prize for popularity. With a good SNR31 rating, the muffs offer good protection from not only the noise of chippers but also the constant noise of chainsaws, helping to prevent hearing loss. With easy to use, chunky plastic hinges, the muffs are strong and easy to use even with cold or numb hands.

Strong Mesh Face Visor

The benefit of a mesh visor as opposed to glasses is primarily the additional face coverage, but also that it won’t scratch or fog up. The large mesh visor provides excellent face coverage, and the visor carrier neatly covers the gap between helmet shell and visor, preventing debris from falling behind the visor and causing irritation.

Best Forestry Safety Helmet

Tuffmaster Forestry Chainsaw Helmet

Tuffmaster Forestry Chainsaw HelmetBuy Now

Comfortable shell

The Tuffmaster shell is a good and comfortable fit and has been a popular choice for many years. With ratcheting size adjustment, a soft terrylene sweatband, and a well positioned internal harness, combined with slimline chipper muffs and a large visor, the Tuffmaster ticks all the boxes for a great forestry helmet.

X4 Chipper Earmuffs

Ear protection is essential when operating a chainsaw. Chainsaws operate at very high decibel levels and the risk of long term hearing damage is very real. This Tuffmaster chainsaw helmet comes complete with high SNR 32 rated muffs for very high-level hearing protection - with the benefits of the new X4 slimline design for minimal weight and bulk.

Ratchet Adjustment

This helmet is built with ratchet adjustments that enable you to quickly make adjustments to the size to comfortably fit your head. Similarly, it’s ease of use enables you to make fast adjustments in the field, to mitigate the effect of adverse weather conditions.

Maximised Visibility

The large Advance mesh visor offers excellent coverage to the face, giving superior protection to other visors. Thanks to the visor carrier, the gap between helmet and visor is neatly covered by a rubber skirt, preventing debris falling down behind the visor.

Most Advanced Arborist Chainsaw Helmet

Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet

Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist HelmetBuy Now

This helmet is by no means the cheapest on the market, but if you’re looking to make a long term investment, then this helmet is worth far more than the initial price.

On wear, it’s immediately apparent that this helmet was made by, and for, experienced arborists. Across the design to the functionality, everything that you ever thought you wanted in a helmet has been carefully constructed and included. From the recess ear protectors, the locking mechanism, and the heavy duty adjustments, to the exacting face shield, the fasteners and hardware design, everything has been designed and manufactured to perfection. Even if this wasn’t your first helmet choice, it’ll definitely be your last.

High Impact Shell

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend getting hit by a branch, or a piece of wood, whilst at work, it does happen and the Protos is what you want to be wearing when it does. The Koroyd mesh inside shell absorbs shock in the event of an impact, and the inbuilt neck protector grips the head perfectly, guarding the back of the head against impact and ensuring your helmet doesn’t move out of place - potentially exposing unprotected areas.

Excellent Ventilation

Arborism is physically exacting work, and the last thing you want whilst you’re in the trees is to disturb your work and remove your helmet because the heat is becoming unbearable. With adjustable and active ventilation, the Protos allows you to work without hindrance, with a constant flow of air from all sides and out through the top.

Safe in all Working Environments

There are a number of features that help the Protos helmet set the standard for chainsaw safety, but chief among them is its flexibility across all working environments. All components are fully integrated into the high impact helmet, meaning that in close knit conditions, you can slide the muffs up into the shell for ease of movement. And the fine mesh, low profile face shield is both subtle and strong, resistant across chipping, sawing, walking through brush, pulling throw line, rigging and flipping lanyards without being cumbersome. Similarly, the visor is coated so it won’t freeze over in the winter- and, when combined with the hi-vis compliant bright colourways available, providing visibility in both tough working environments and harsh weather conditions, the Protos is really a year round helmet.


We hope you’ve found our guide helpful but if you have questions or would like to discuss any of our products, please call our friendly sales team who will be happy to help you select a good helmet for your personal requirements.

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