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Best Chainsaw Gloves

Arborist Gear Guides: Top Chainsaw Gloves

Working in the arboriculture industry, we all know that wearing the proper personal protective equipment is vital to our safety. However, after talking with a few arborists, it seems that one piece of protective gear is often seen as an option rather than a necessity: more than one of the arborists we spoke to said that they frequently don’t wear chainsaw gloves, as they felt they restricted their mobility and were uncomfortable to work in.

Not wearing the right gloves when working with powerful equipment like chainsaws could result in severe damage to your hands. Being comfortable while you work doesn’t necessarily mean having to take shortcuts, and the risk of injury poses a far greater problem than the perceived inconvenience of wearing gloves.

Best Chainsaw Gloves

Chainsaw gloves don’t have to be a hindrance to the way you work. With the choice of manufacturers and styles, you should have no difficulty finding a pair of gloves that give you the protection you need and a good fit.

To help you select the right pair for your requirements, we’ve outlined our range below.

Our Chainsaw Gloves

The primary goal of chainsaw gloves is to provide protection from the risks of chainsaw cuts. Most gloves have protection on the back of the left hand, as the higher risk area, although our Arbortec Pro gloves offer protection on the back of both hands.

Best Chainsaw Gloves for Value

OREGON Chainsaw Safety Gloves

OREGON Chainsaw Safety GlovesBuy Now

A low price tag doesn’t necessarily mean less protection, and that goes for our best value glove, the Oregon Chainsaw Safety Glove.

No Shortcuts

Priced at only £15.98 (+ VAT), you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were getting a budget product, but just like the majority of their premium priced competitors, these gloves offer the usual Class 0 protection with a Kevlar pad on the back of the left hand to protect from potential injury. These Oregon gloves are fully compliant with EN381-7, EN388 and EN420.

Comfortable Fit

With a smooth leather palm, these gloves are extremely supple, making for a comfortable fit whilst working. The long elasticated cuff helps stop the ingress of debris and sawdust, with a stretch fit to move with your wrist in action.

Best Chainsaw Gloves for All-Round Functionality

Husqvarna Chainsaw Gloves

Husqvarna Chainsaw GlovesBuy Now

Flexible Spandex

Whilst the palms of these gloves are fitted with goat leather to give excellent protection against moisture, the backs and knuckles of are made from a laminated spandex and neoprene respectively to offer excellent flexibility and knuckle protection. The range of sizes, and the slight stretch from the material means that these gloves will fit comfortably on almost any hand.

The Husqvarna glove has a flexible knitted cuff to keep debris out and chainsaw protection to the back of the left hand. Compliant with EN381-7 and EN388, and protective to the Class 0 requirement, these gloves are comfortable and functional to use, and as would be expected from Husqvarna, offer good durability.

High Visibility Color

As with all PPE, good visibility is a definite benefit. If your team can spot you, and you them, this increased team awareness helps avoid unnecessary accidents.

Best Chainsaw Gloves for Grip & Fit

Harkie Chainsaw Gloves

Harkie Chainsaw GlovesBuy Now

Functional materials

The Harkie gloves are made from washable leather with rubber grip pads on the fingers and palm, which, unlike leather that can get slimy when wet, offer better grip and slip resistance and - as the manufacturer claims - are even ‘cup of tea friendly’! The backs are made from 4-way stretch fabric for comfort and ease of movement

These gloves have Class 0 protection to the back of the left hand and are compliant with EN388.

Adjustable Cuff

The ultimate feature of the Harkie glove is the adjustable cuff. WIth a firm elasticized cuff band and neoprene velcro tab, the wrist can be snugly closed to your wrist size creating an effective barrier to dust and chippings.

Best Chainsaw Gloves for Protection

Arbortec Pro Chainsaw Gloves

Arbortec Pro Chainsaw GlovesBuy Now

Protection to both hands

If you’re looking for maximum chainsaw protection, the Arbortec Pro glove is a good choice. Unlike most other chainsaw protective gloves, this glove not only has a chainsaw protective pad to the back of both hands but also meets Class 1 protection (protects against a saw moving at 20m/s) whilst most other gloves meet Class 0 (16m/s). Compliant to EN381-7.

Comfortable design

The Arbortec Pro glove is designed to offer ultra snug fit and has a reduced length cuff for ease of movement, along with a strong Velcro cuff adjuster for an exact fit. The leather palm is reinforced for added protection against wear and abrasion from ropes.

Keeping yourself and your staff protected at work should always be your number one priority, but a large part of that is remaining comfortable within your equipment. Hopefully, you’ve found our guide helpful in selecting the best protection to fit you, but if you’d like any more advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 01780 482231

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