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Best Chainsaw Boots

chainsaw boots

All personal protective equipment is important to chainsaw safety, but chainsaw boots have one of the most complex jobs in keeping you safe. Not only do they have to adequately protect your feet from the hazards of chainsaws, but they also need to ensure that you’ve got a firm grip on the ground - or, for tree surgeons, in the tree, adapt to different terrains and surfaces, keep your feet comfortable in varying temperatures, resist impact and withstand bad weather.

We’ve talked in our previous guides about the importance of comfort and nowhere is this more paramount than in your choice of footwear. No matter the type of job, your footwear is going to be a constant, and as such a good fit is essential. There’s nothing worse than working in painful footwear, especially when you’ve got to put them back on the following day. But what makes a comfortable boot?

Firstly, the fit. It sounds obvious but the boot needs to fit you properly, especially around your ankles and the heel and toe area, where they are often reinforced. As not only can an incorrect fit cause blisters or fatigue, but if there is friction inside the boot this can cause significant premature wear. Secondly, a good chainsaw boot needs to be weather resistant - there’s nothing more uncomfortable than working for hours in wet boots! Many boots have a waterproof lining, with Gore-Tex offering the ultimate level of waterproofing and breathability.

Chainsaw Safety Boot Legislation

As the boot needs to protect you from some pretty powerful machinery, it needs to be compliant with the correct legislation. Chainsaw safety boots need to meet the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard, with the ability to resist 200 joules impact - the equivalent of 20kg weight dropped 1020mm onto the toes - and a 15KN compression test, which is roughly the equivalent of a whopping 1.5 tonnes resting on the toe area.

You may have noticed that chainsaw safety boots have an extra two or three letter code, alongside the EN standards. These codes define the minimum safety standard that this product meets.

As all chainsaw safety boots need to meet the 200-joule toe cap impact, you need to look out for codes beginning with ‘S.’ However there are other properties such as, penetration resistance, antistatic, insulation and heat resistance, that are marked by further letters.

Summary of Basic Ratings


The safety minimum with an oil resistant outer sole


Penetration resistance, must resist a penetration force of 1100N


Anti-static properties (A) with energy absorbing heel (E)


Water resistant upper (WRU)


Water and penetration resistant outsole


Constructed from rubber or polymer, is waterproof, with anti-static properties and an energy absorbing heel area


Same as S4, but with penetration resistance and a cleated outsole

For more detailed descriptions of ratings, see here

Top 3 Chainsaw Boots

With all that in mind, what exact chainsaw boot you choose to buy should be dependent on the requirements of the tasks involved in your job, taking into the consideration the factors we’ve mentioned above.

Descriptions of boots can often be quite general, especially when it comes to the soles. WIth buzzwords like “slip resistant” and “grip performance” used instead of specific descriptions of the conditions in which the sole is most slip resistant, it can be difficult to compare one boot with another.

After talking to our community, we’ve decided to review three of our more popular boots and look more in-depth at the specifications and advantages of each one.

All of the following boots are EN ISO 20345:2011 compliant.

Best Chainsaw Boot for Comfort

Meindl Airstream Chainsaw Boots

Meindl Airstream Chainsaw BootsBuy Now

Out of all the boots, the Meindl Airstream consistently topped all the reviews. Designed for maximum comfort and utility, these boots have a Gore Tex waterproof lining, a rubber sole for good slip resistance in wet environments, a shock absorbing sole and a steel toecap with Class 1 chainsaw protection.

Meindl is one of the longest running and more established companies in outdoor equipment. Focusing specifically on manufacturing shoes and boots for walking, hiking and the outdoor workplace, Meindl has over 300 years of innovation behind them, and the credentials to back up a world-class product range.


It’s important for your feet to breathe, especially when you’re being active all day. These boots offer a breathability of a whopping 30% more than your average Gore Tex boot. Not only that but the boots are manufactured with an interior pumping action to remove any extra humidity, keeping your feet cool as you work. The Meindl Air Revolution System that makes your feet stay temperature appropriate in all climates.

Easy to Use

We’ve all been familiar at some point with the uncomfortable stage of having to break in chainsaw boots. Fortunately, the day-one comfort of the Airstream has almost entirely removed this issue, with the exclusive Meindl Memory Foam Vacuum System adjusting perfectly to almost any foot shape. The Meindl Airstream also have a soft and pliant tongue that can easily be adjusted, not only for maximum comfort whilst wearing the boots, but also making them quicker and easier to pull on.

The only negative vibes we're picking up on this boot to relate to durability; for regular users, the feedback is that the relatively soft sole does wear down sooner than other boots. That said, many people are happy to accept this as a small price to pay for the comfort.

Durable and Comfortable Chainsaw Boot

Haix Protector Forest Chainsaw Boots

Haix Protector Forest Chainsaw BootsBuy Now

Haix is a leading manufacturer of functional footwear for fire departments, police and troops, and whilst we may not be heroes, the superior quality makes Haix boots ideal for our profession.

Customer feedback shows that the Haix Protector Forest scores highly on both comfort and long-term durability. With the Gore-Tex 4 layer laminate technology, this chainsaw boot offers an exceptional level of waterproofing, as well as remaining highly breathable. In addition, the Protector Forest is fully compliant to chainsaw Class 2.

Strong and stable sole unit

The specialist VIBRAM rubber and PU sole is strong, abrasion proof and provides a sturdy anti-slip sole for all terrains. The outer sole is mark repellant and resistant to heat, oil and petrol. Recognising that stability comes just as much from the internal mechanics as the outer, the inner sole is made of lightweight PU cushioning and anatomically designed, providing great impact absorption with full flexibility of heel to toe movement. And the separate heel cup ensures optimised cushioning and foot guidance. Even the toe cap is cushioned for maximum comfort.


As well as being water, heat and oil resistant, the Haix Protector Forest chainsaw boot has Kevlar Class 2, EN ISO 17249:2007 compliant, cut protection and an enhanced inner lining to protect against chemicals, making it a highly protective boot for more than one reason.

Durable Build

With a tough upper made from thick, breathable, water-resistant Suede, abrasion-proof lining, no side seams, strong sole, and rubber toe and heel protection, the Protector Forest is built to stand up to the most demanding of environments. Whilst slightly heavier and more sturdy than the Airstream, Haix boots have built up a well-deserved reputation for durability even under demanding conditions.

Popular Good Value Chainsaw Boot

Lavoro Sherwood chainsaw boot

Lavoro Sherwood chainsaw bootsBuy Now

The Lavoro Sherwood has become a reliable go-to boot for chainsaw users looking to kit out on a limited budget. Despite the low price tag, this boot poses some resolute competition to its more pricey counterparts, thanks to the comfortable fit and consistent quality.


The Sherwood boot is lightweight and supple, making it easy to break in. 

Improved safety

An added benefit of the Sherwood is the Class 3 chainsaw protection, offering higher protection than many other boots for added peace of mind. Class 3 protects against a saw moving at 28m/s - giving a serious level of resistance in event of any mishap. 

Comfort footbed

Somewhat unique to Lavoro's boots is the clima cork footbed which not only insulates the foot from heat and cold - a notable benefit for those of us who are destined to face the elements whatever the weather - but also quickly moulds to the shape of the wearer's foot, making the boot a customised fit.

Whilst the Sherwood doesn't offer the all-terrain, tough endurance of a top end boot like the Protector Forest, it does make a safe and comfortable solution for the budget conscious chainsaw user or for anyone looking for a mid-range boot.

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