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Karabiners & Accessories

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Karabiners & Accessories

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33 Item(s)

Karabiners & Accessories

Landmark Trading is a leading stockist of karabiners for arborists. Also known as climbing clips, karabiners are an essential part of any arborist or tree surgeon’s climbing kit.

We stock aluminium alloy karabiners by trusted brands like DMM, Mongoose, Gecko and HMS. Our karabiners are available in a variety of designs and sizes with a range of different mechanisms, making them ideal for a variety of tree climbing applications. 

All of our karabiners conform to safety standard EN:362. This safety standard is designed to ensure that manufacturers of connectors for personal fall protection systems meet requirements for stopping falls, rope access and restraint systems.

Every karabiner we sell at Landmark Trading has a 3-way locking system, which reduces the risk of the gate opening accidentally. All come with a kN, or kiloNewton rating of between 24 - 27kN (a kiloNewton is roughly equal to 225lbs and relates to the force of gravity generated by a fall).

Examples of the types of karabiners we stock include:

  • Oval Alloy Karabiner, 3-way - The design makes it a perfect component of a hitch climber system. The 3-way locking system uses a rotating sleeve.

  • DMM Rhino Alloy Karabiner, 3-Way - This karabiner significantly reduces the risk of cross-loading which is when the loading occurs across the horizontal bar. The horn construction restricts devices such as Pintos from swivelling off the top bar.

Our accessories include graphite powder for lubricating karabiners and the Brennenstuhl Engraver which can be used to mark aluminium equipment with relevant details.